Rolling Bones auf dem Games Day 2013

This year, only two bones did the journey to Cologne and the Games Day 2013.

The plan was clear, like every year: Get up there, have fun and meet some great people.

So what can I say here? IT WORKED!!!


After a relaxing day in Cologne and a great steak with our friends from the ‘Schwandorfer Figurenschubser-Club’ and some ‘Kölsch’ we were prepared for the Games Day on sunday.

We entered the ‘Gürzenich’ and started at the Black Library Shop in order to get the limited edition of the Horus Heresy GD Book. There we met Chris Bone and had a good start in our day-plan.

From there we headed to the stage, where Nick Kyme and Chris Wraight signed their books. We had such a good time with them… Cheers therefore again!

Being on the wave of meeting great people we only stepped a couple of meters to the right and had the pleasure to meet a rockabilly-brother: Jeremy Vetock!

Followed by Phil Kelly and then Jervis Johnson. Talking to these guys made the trip worth the efford. At this point I have to thank Jervis for the game we played. I don´t have to say, who won: NOT ME!

So what we can say for sure: as long as there are such cool persons we can meet, we´ll continue to go to Cologne to the Games Day! THANK YOU!!!


And now like every year, some extracts of our trip:

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